Horsepower and Drive Types

When you are selecting the best table saw for your need, the best way to do so would be by narrowing your search from reading the various table saw reviews, as there are a number of options to choose from. You can either pick a brand based on the reputation such as Makita, Bosch or DEWALT or you could choose a saw based on your budget. Though these options are fairly intuitive, you have to consider what lies beneath the hood to see the factors that actually make the difference in the table saw. The power of the motor and the drive type used to transfer to the blade the power produced are the two important characteristics that people will have to consider when they are choosing the best table saw.

Other than the obvious, you will also come across other factors such as the horsepower of the motors, the type of drive used- belt drive or direct drive, safety measures used and the impact of the drive type used. You should know how to find if the motor is powerful enough based on the specs of the motor and the advantages and disadvantages of the various drive types provided in the table saw reviews. Here are some ways to help you with all these factors when you buy a table saw . The important part about a table saw is the different features that it comes with and the importance of each feature in making the table saw work efficiently for you. If you understand the basics of it, you will be able to make good use of the table saw. However, if you are unsure about the specifications, you will end up buying a table saw that you will find no use for, in the end.
you will end up buying a table saw that you will find no use for, in the end.
When you are looking for horsepower, you should go for the one that offers a higher horsepower. If a saw has less power, it will not be of much use. Along with the horsepower, the available voltage also determines the true power of the motor.  A good example is that a 120V motor will be able to produce horsepower between 1hp and 2hp while a 240V motor will be able to produce a horsepower between 3hp and 5hp. When you are using a 120V motor, you will not be able to cut through material that is thick. This is because a 1 to 2 hp motor will be able to draw about 15 to 24 amps which are not enough if the material is thick. On the other hand, if you are going to cut sheets which are more than 3 inches thick, then you need a motor that runs on 240V. When you are using a powerful table saw, you should also take into consideration the safety measures that are provided with the table saw.

Drive Types
You can choose between two drive types when choosing a table saw namely belt drive and direct drive.
Belt Drive: Belt drive works on v-belt and pulley system in order to provide the blade with power. During this process, some power is lost during transaction. However, the belt driven saws are sturdier and will be able to cut hardwood that is of thicker dimension. Moreover, you will not have to worry about excess dust as the motor is mounted away from the blade and will cause only limited dust, which ensures that the motor lasts longer. The drawback is that the belt driven motors have higher kickback force and have more chances of injuring the user, but they are safer in other aspects.

Direct drive: The reason that some drives are called direct drive motors is because their blade is connected to the motor directly. This ensures that the blade receives maximum power from the motor thereby minimizing the loss incurred. They also produce less vibration and are reasonably quieter than saws which run on belt drives. Moreover the maintenance of the direct drive will be cost effective since you will not have to replace the belt too often. They are also compact and weigh less and are apt for portable table saws.
When the price of the two drives are taken into account, it is found that belt driven table saw is relatively expensive than the direct drive table saws. This is because these table saws will require more torque and power to run the device, making them apt for heavy-duty, professional applications. On the other hand, direct drive table saws are less expensive and less powerful, making them ideal for DIY users. In the long run, maintaining the belt driven table saws will be difficult while maintaining the direct drive table saws is quite easy, making them cheap in the long run.
Bottom Line
When you are planning to buy the best portable table saw you will have to do your research and find woodworking table saws that are fit with the best characteristics in terms of horsepower and drive. To get the best table saw for hobbyists, it is best to choose woodworking table saws that run on 120V rather than 240V. Choosing a tablesaw that you will be able to use for a long period of time will be very difficult as the choices that you have become limited with every constraint that you impose. However, if you manage to find the one that will suit you, you will be able to enjoy the aspect of woodworking whenever you feel like it.

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